Web Design and Development

The goal of any website is to stand out among your competition. It is critical for any startup or existing business to choose the right design team to handle the unique details of your design needs. Lucid Loft’s team has been carefully selected from the most experienced designers, and we will give your business the advantage your company needs for success.  The team at Lucid Loft doesn’t just provide your website with a sleek, streamlined look, but we also take care of critical details such as:

SEO: Our team handles search engine optimization so your company shows up in search results.

Google Analytics: It is important to be able to develop future strategies for your business,  Lucid Loft does so by analyzing your web history and trends.

Blog Integration: An effective and well-written blog with relevant and professionally written material is invaluable in driving traffic to your website Lucid Loft offers professional blog writing services.

E Commerce: Lucid Loft knows what it takes to succeed on the web. We will create an online store that is perfect for your business.

Original Creation and Redesign

Whether you are re-designing your old website or creating a new site, Lucid Loft can help. Our development and design team assists clients in the following areas:

  • Design & Consulting
  • Content Management Systems
  • Customer Software Application Development
  • Hosting/Domain Management

 Social Media Application

Social media is the single major factor when it comes to driving online business. The Lucid Loft design team will integrate a social media platform within your website. This means providing links and access to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts and more.  You want to provide your clients and potential clients every opportunity to get in touch with you and learn about your company and many while using your website as their first contact, will more often than not keep up with you through social media, so it is increasing more important to utilize these social media application services.

Business in New Bedford,  Fall River and Providence can benefit from the best web design service in Massachusetts, and Lucid Loft has everything that your business needs to succeed on every platform available across the Internet.


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