The trained team of professionals at Lucid Loft offer video and photography for all occasions. We use only state-of-the-art equipment that captures every shoot in the best possible light. All of our video and photography are professionally edited to give you the highest quality look. Our high definition videos will allow you to capture the true essence of any occasion. Lucid Loft’s professional video and photography services in Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island are available for the following occasions:

  • Product shots
  • Corporate Functions
  • Food styling
  • Real estate
  • Weddings
  • Commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Trailers
  • Product explanation videos
  • Service explanation videos

There is more involved in this process than just aiming a camera and pushing a button. The correct lighting and angles are an integral part of getting the perfect shot. At Lucid Loft, there is no detail we will not attend to as everything has to be lined up just right during one of our photo or video shoots. There are many benefits to utilizing our professional video and photography services and a few of them are as follows:

  • One of the main problems with many websites is the use of stock photos. It has been proven that authentic photos generate higher search results and more return visits. However, many sites continue to use unoriginal photos of complete strangers. Hiring one of Lucid Loft’s quality photographers to provide candid shots of your business can go a long way towards attracting new clients. Many people want to know exactly who they are getting involved with and showing off your business in the best light is a strong marketing tactic.
  • Real Estate agents looking to show their properties have a much better chance of success with the use of professional photography. There is a stark contrast between using professional photographs and ones taken by agents themselves. The first thing any prospective buyer does when viewing a real estate listing is scan through the pictures. Poor quality pictures might turn them away without giving your property a second glance. Top quality photos could be the difference when it comes to attracting a legitimate buyer.
  • At Lucid Loft, we provide service to many restaurants in the areas of video and photography. Capturing a dish just the right way can truly make it pop. Such pictures are often used to attract new clients  and can be featured on menus, in magazines, or on websites. There is a certain art form to photographing food as an ordinary camera just won’t suffice. Lucid Loft uses trained professionals to set up an entire photo or video shoot. Every appropriate measure is taken as we provide some of the top food styling photos and videos in Massachusetts.

Professional photography in Providence, New Beckford and Fall River can be at your service with a simple phone call to Lucid Loft. One of our customer associates is waiting to help you.