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“Good designers can create normalcy out of chaos; they can clearly communicate ideas through the organizing and manipulating of words and pictures.” Jeffery Veen

Welcome to the new Lucid Loft. We are excited about our new blog and website and want to share it with you. We hope our new design will increase our collaboration and interaction with you our clients and our future clients. The blog is intended to serve as a vehicle for informing, explaining and just general information about all things relating to the digital web, whether that be web design, custom photography and video, APP design and development to “all things” marketing, both print and web based. At Lucid Loft, we want to raise awareness about our company and our mission and dedication to the community and our clients, and – most importantly – giving us an opportunity to hear from you.

Michael, our “marketing guy”, will be addressing a variety of topics. Just to be clear, our new and improved blog is not replacing our usual modes of communicating with and getting feedback from our clients. Rather it will continue to be an additional way of communicating with you. We will continue to rely on face to face meetings, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media as well as newly designed and upgraded website (, phone calls, and of course, we always welcome your visit to our new “loft” office here in Fall River, MA.

We hope you will comment on our posts and on the comments of others. Please be sure to observe basic rules of communication and be respectful if you disagree with a statement or comment. Comments are moderated and we will review them and get them up as quickly as possible during regular business hours.

If you have questions, issues or concerns about any of our services or work, please use the links below to find more information:

Lucid Loft Office: 32 sixth Street Fall River, MA   (cell) 774.263.1830




We want our new blog and website to be energizing and filled with all manner of information you need to help grow your business. We want to inspire you to interact with others and us with lively and engaging conversation. So, Dive right into the blog and if you have topics you would like to hear about, just let us know by emailing us here:

In our next blog post, we will share with you all the varied ways to be in contact with us here at Lucid Loft, through all of our social media contacts, our website and of course, through our Lucid Loft physical location. In addition to providing you with useful information and resources for your business we will give you a deeper view of each of our services here at Lucid Loft.

We look forward with creative energy to all the exciting ideas ahead.

Until then – All Best, -Michael

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